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24 Izhevsk couples were awarded medals on the day of Family, Love, and Loyalty

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his annual Address to the Federal Assembly of February 20, 2019, said, ‘For our society, for multiethnic people, it is a family, childbirth, procreation, and respect for older generations have been and remain a powerful base. We have done and will continue to do everything to strengthen family values. This is a question of our future.’

Today, on the Russian day of Family, Love, and Loyalty, festive events and ceremonies are held in the Udmurt Republic to award long-time married couples.

In the city of Izhevsk, a festive event dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Family, Love, and Loyalty was held near the St. Michael’s Cathedral, by the monument to Peter and Fevronia of Murom. One of the central events was the ceremony of giving memorable medals ‘For love and loyalty’ to 24 married couples. In total, 70 couples from the Udmurt Republic were awarded this medal.

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic Anastasia Mutalenko and Metropolitan of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic Viktorin took part to honour the couples.

Metropolitan of Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic Victorin emphasized, that today couples are awarded by the church walls. Their marital relations have been tested for years and are a model of purity and loyalty.

‘In Russia, the family is holy. No wonder why the family is called a small church. Today is the Day of Family, Love, and Loyalty. The second word is love. A family cannot be without love. You know it well from your experience. But love, as the poet said, is not sighing on a bench and neither is walking under the moon. Love is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to one another. I wish your love was not like a one-sided street when one loves, and the second allows you to love him/herself so that you love each other. Happy holiday!’ the Metropolitan said.

This holiday has its own symbol. The most famous and popular flower in Russia is chamomile, which is loved for its tenderness and simplicity. And at the end, in the final part of the awards ceremony, the song ‘Chamomile Fields’ was played by the ensemble ‘Primavera’.

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